violences | Gloria Films Production (FR)

by Santiago Amigorena

Casting : Marie-Josee Croze and Ignacio Rogers
Production : 2011 – 94’ – In coproduction with arte france, les films du rat, max films (canada), rizoma & zarlek producciones (argentina), teleimage (brazil), yellow cab
International sales : celluloid dreams

Venice Film Festival 2011 « Venice Days »
Warsaw International Film Festival 2011 : Best Director
Cinéma Tout Ecran de Genève 2011

On a winter night, Mary, a Toronto police officer, finds her husband and son have been violently murdered at a drive by shooting. She discovers that a drug dealer she had arrested over a year ago, Pablo Molina has summoned the murder. Mary tracks the actual killer, Molina’s 20-years-old nephew down to Argentina.
A journey of revenge. And a journey to come to terms with her loss.