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A Brand New Life
by Ounie Lecomte

WITH : Kim Saeron, Park Doyeon and Park Myungshin
Production : 2010 – 92’ – In coproduction with Now Film (Korea)
French distribution : Diaphana
International sales : Finecut


Cannes Film Festival 2009 Official Selection – « Out of competition »

Tokyo International Festival : Best Film

Amsterdam Cinekid Festival : Best Film

Berlin International Festival, Generation Kplus: Special Jury Commendation

Palm Springs International Festival : New Voices/New Visions Award

Milan Festival : Best Film

Salé International Festival : Grand Prize

Toronto International Festival

Pusan International Festival : Best Project

Himedan International Festival : Best Director, Best Actress, Best Film

Milwaukee Film Festival : Jury Prize

Oslo Film Festival : FIPRESCHI Award

Festival del Cinema Africano, d’Asia e America Latina di Milano : Miglior lungometraggio Finestre sul Mondo & Premio “Città di Milano” al lungometraggio più votato dal pubblico


Seoul, 1975. Jinhee is 9.
Her father has placed her in an orphanage run by Catholic nuns. The little girl has to deal with the ordeal of separation and the long wait for a new family. As the seasons pass, the departures of adopted children allow her to glimpse the dream that awaits her but shatter the friendships that she has just formed.
Jinhee resists because she knows that the promise of a brand-new life will separate her for good from those she loves.