Belleville Story | Gloria Films Production (FR)


Belleville story
by Arnaud Malherbe

WITH : Paco Boublard and Tien Shu
Production : 2009 – 85’ – In coproduction with Arte France
International sales : Film and Picture

La Rochelle TV Fiction Festival – Best Television Film and Male Revelation Award

Belleville, one of the melting pots of Paris, today. Freddy, 20, a hopeless young thug, has to kill a strange guy, Mr Zhu, a 50-year-old 1970s throwback. A bit nuts, a bit Zorro, he’s just arrived from China for “someone” and for the night. A long, feverish night of blows, knives and guns which slices through the strange and illicit underbelly of insomniac Belleville…