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A thousand month
by Faouzi Bensaïdi

Casting : Fouad Labied, Nezha Rahil et Mohammed Majd
Production : 2003 – 124’ – In coproduction with agora films (morroco), entre chien et loup (belgium), zdf/arte, rtbf, soread, studio el orch (morroco)
French distribution : Mk2 diffusion
International sales : Fortissimo Films Sales

Festival de Cannes Official Selection “Un Certain Regard” : Youth Award and “Premier Regard » award
Milano International Film Festival : Best movie and jury’s award
Miami International Film Festival : “Grand Jury Prize, Best Dramatic Feature”
Damas International Film Festival : Best arab movie and “First alphabet” d’argent
Namur International Film Festival : Jury’s award
Alexandrie International Film Festival : Jury’s special award
Beyrouth International Film Festival : Best director
Ajaccio International Film Festival : Jury ‘s special award
Fribourg International Film Festival : Œcuménique award
Angers International Film Festival : Best script

1981 – Morocco – The month of Ramadan. With her seven-year-old son, Mehdi, Amina moves in with her father-in-law, Ahmed, in a village in the heart of the Atlas Mountains. Mehdi’s father is in prison but the boy believes that he has gone to work in France: his mother and grandfather maintain this illusion for his sake. At school, Mehdi has the privileged task of looking after the teacher’s chair. His relationship with the village, his friends and the world revolves around this object. Sparing Mehdi is Amina and Ahmed’s main concern, but at what cost? The fragile balance of their lives threatens to explode every day…