Three summers | Gloria Films Production (FR)

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120x159 ppp


by Sandra Kogut

WITH: Regina Casé, Rogerio Froes, Otavio Muller, Gisele Froes

PRODUCTION: 2019 – 93′ – In coproduction with Republica Pureza Filmes (Brazil)

FRENCH DISTRIBUTION: Paname Distribution

FRENCH RELEASE: March 11, 2020 / Second release: June 22, 2020

INTERNATIONAL SALES: Urban Distribution International


Toronto International Film Festival 2019 – « Contemporary World Cinema »

Mostra of Sao Paulo

Antalya Festival : « Best Actress »

Rio Festival : « Best Actress »

Havana Film Festival : « Best Editing »


Every December, between Christmas and New Year, Edgar and Marta host a lavish family celebration at their luxurious summer house by the beach. In 2015 all seems well, despite some tense phone calls and a guest wearing an ankle monitor. In 2016 the annual party is abruptly cancelled. What happens to the invisible people living in the orbit of the rich and powerful when these lives collapse? Through the gaze of an employee and a forgotten elderly father, both victims of the neoliberal nightmare, we see a portrait of contemporary Brazil just before the tragedy of 2018. The signs were all there, but did we didn’t know how to read them.